Web Design + Development

I offer custom WordPress web design and development for my clients, both as a standalone or paired with my comprehensive identity design services. I specialize in creating mobile friendly websites that are just as easy to use as they are to look at!

Each unique WordPress web site I build features:

– Custom WordPress Design + Development 10 top level pages and integrated Blog
– Information Architecture planning
– Drag and drop modular theme features
– Social media integration
– Basic SEO optimization
– Responsive Web Design (RWD) & Development
– Security platform installation and configuration
– WordPress Training
– Google Analytics integration
– Mailchimp integration Includes basic Mailchimp signup form, form email styling, and campaign template creation

Request for Website Proposal


Booking 50% of the total project cost is due upon project acceptance. You will also receive my contract via email. Once payment is received and my contract is signed, your project will be booked. Once your booking is secured, your project will begin.

During this time, please also provide me with your site host’s access credentials. I will review your host’s web server platform, and ensure that it is optimized for your site’s performance.

If your project start date is in the future, you can use this time to reflect on who your Dream Client is. I will contact you the week before your project is scheduled to begin.

Discovery I review your Client Interview, study your web site, and research your target market. During this time, you will provide your prepared content and images via Dropbox. Your existing site content will also be imported into your site. Please make a note of any content from the site that you plan to change, delete, or replace at this time. The best way to do this is to upload a list of your notes in the Dropbox folder. Once I have all of this information, I will prepare a 1 page Creative Brief providing a specific creative plan for your site.

Planning After you have reviewed and approved of the Creative Brief, I will create your initial Home page concepts available as .jpg or .pdf for your review. Once you have selected your preferred Home page style and provided feedback, I will refine the chosen concept in up to 2 rounds to finalize everything from font family size, and color to navigation. This is not a time to redesign, but rather to crystallize the design into perfection.

Once you provide approval on the final version of the Home page concept, I will create 3-5 top level sample site page layouts for your review. We can tweak each concept up to 2 times in order to get each element in sync with the overall theme and your vision.

Once the Home page, overall theme and per page styling has been finalized, upon approval by you, the Client, I will then proceed to the next phase of the Project Cycle, Development.

Development Production of your new WordPress theme begins. The planning stage is closed. If any additional changes are required by you at this time, I must be notified immediately to ensure timely publication, to prevent technology conflicts, and to help prevent budget creep. During this time, please gather and provide all final project materials including copy, legal documents and any other pertinent materials to be included in the site.

Testing/Training You will be welcome to tour your new web property when it is at 80% theme completion. This is the time for you to identify any questions regarding the completion of daily web site tasks you might have. I can then provide answers using your preferred training method (Skype screenshare or email) during our scheduled training time.

All responsive sites are thoroughly tested by me in Safari, Firefox, IE8+, Chrome; iPhone/Android; and tablet/iPad.

Publication + Project Completion (Milestone 2) Once I have completed development and testing of the new site, your approval will be needed in order to publish the site. The final Milestone payment will be due at this time as well. Once approval has been provided and payment has been received, I will begin preparing your database and site for live publication.

Upon publication, I will backup your new site in an Archive, and email it to you in .zip format. Regular site theme and site database backups will be automatically emailed to you (on a weekly or daily basis, your choice) by a Plugin in WordPress. I will check the site thoroughly upon publication for any errors (visual and functional) and will ensure that the site is 100% ready to go.

Please note that Milestone payment dates are not changeable once they are set, though site publication itself can be deferred to a specific date within 30 days if you have a PR event to coordinate with your project launch. All payments are final and non-refundable.

It's time to take your website seriously.

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