Join us on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023, for an encore showing of an immersive art experience unlike any other! Multimedia Artist and Web Developer Acacia Carr presents the Grand Opening of Various, a 3D virtual reality art gallery and event space. The new space will host Acacia’s first solo art show, an interactive live event featuring two distinct exhibits that will captivate and inspire art lovers, video game fans, and creative professionals alike.

The Exhibits

– Synth City-

As you enter the Various Gallery, you will be greeted by the bold colors and cool vibes of the first exhibit, Synth City. Featuring 22 captivating works of digital art, this exhibit will take you on a journey through a neon-infused world inspired by the vibrant aesthetics of Synthwave, Sci-Fi movies, and Miami Vice.

Acacia’s unique and dynamic approach to mood here is sure to dazzle and inspire, with a consistent rainbow theme that runs through the series. This rainbow not only honors the LGBTQ+ community but also people with autism, representing the spectrum of beauty and challenges we all face. Acacia’s work is a celebration of both individuality and unity, showcasing the spectrum of human expression and representing the strength we possess when we come together and unite over shared human experiences such as art.

Each piece in the Synth City series is a testament to Acacia’s digital skill and creative vision, with bold colors, intricate details, and powerful symbolism that will leave a lasting impression. From the dynamic and energetic cityscapes of Synth City to the dreamlike portraits of Phantasmal, each work of art is a stunning expression of this Artist’s creative spirit as imagined with her use of AI.

Immerse yourself in Synth City and witness the magic of Acacia’s work for yourself.

– Phantasmal-

Enter a world of ethereal beauty and feminine power at the Phantasmal exhibit, the second stunning solo art exhibit by Multi-Media Artist and Web Developer, Acacia Carr. Featuring 20 exquisite works of AI designed art, this exhibit is an exploration of the fleeting nature of youth and the goddess-like essence of women as witnessed through the lens of AI and guided by the mind and imagination of a fantasy lover with a passion for expressing the female form and spirit through her art.

With a shimmering, slightly futuristic spectral quality that runs through each piece, the women of the Phantasmal exhibit hold space, literally and figuratively.

Created using a combination of Midjourney AI, Photoshop, and Illustrator, each high-resolution image is a study in resolutions, details and power, showcasing the beauty and complexity of the feminine form and face. These women are not smiling, nor are they the simple containers of human desire that their beauty might at first suggest. They are strong, powerful and brave, essential and existential, unafraid and unashamed. They are also overtly beautiful and young which is an artifact of how AI perceives beauty, youth, and the goddess-like nature of woman. Ultimately, this exhibit is both a celebration of the ephemeral nature of youth and the enduring power of womanhood. Join us and immerse yourself in a world of beauty, wonder, and feminine power.

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From the moody neon-kissed vibes of a slightly dystopian Synth City to the dreamlike, otherworldly portraits of the women of Phantasmal, every piece in this exhibit is carefully created and curated to evoke a sense of awe and wonder in the viewer. This unique project is a testament to the skill and vision of a Multimedia Artist who was born in a physical age and has evolved to incorporate modern technology into an intriguing and inspiring mental model of inspiring and artistic self-expression.

Experience Acacia’s art like never before. Explore this artist’s innovative use of virtual reality technology as she takes you on a journey to new dimensions.

Whether you’re an art collector seeking unique and captivating pieces or a creative professional looking for inspiration, this unique solo art show is not to be missed. Posters, cards, jewelry, t-shirts and Acacia’s hand-made ecoresin jewelry will be available in the Gallery Gift Shop, connecting the physical world to the digital with a seamless phy-gital shopping experience.

Tickets are LIMITED so don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be a part of this Grand Opening event at Various, your new favorite premier 3D VR Gallery and Event Space.

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