Protect Your Email Adress Online

Sometimes, people who put their email address online get spam. In order to prevent this, I notice a lot of people still writing out their email like this on their web sites:


Though it is true that this provides a level of spam protection, its also very off putting to site visitors. It also adds an extra step for people who want to contact you because they can’t just click the link and open up their email account.

A couple of years ago I discovered a great little tool to preserve the look of the email in a mailto:, while also protecting it from spammers and scrapers.

This method is quick and easy. Just drop your email address into the encoder at Then, copy and paste the resulting code into your website.

It’s a free tool developed by Guillermo Horno. As noted by the developer, even a JavaScript encoder can be cracked by spam bots (spam bots can do anything if they set their program to it), but this method is A LOT safer than just dropping your email in as is online. I’ve never experienced any spam on email accounts where I have used the encoder.

Happy encoding!

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