Project Highlights / 2016

This year I have been putting more emphasis on working with creatives. Here are my top 3 favorite sites for creatives that I had the pleasure of developing in 2016.



ARTWORKInternational, Inc.

This Santa Fe-based global company is helmed by the fiercely talented Samantha Paige Furgason. I’ve been designing and developing for Sam’s clients for nearly 2 years. This Spring, she was ready to create a new vision in web for ARTWORKInternational, Inc., and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this project.


Sam’s firm is well-established and currently has a wait list for new clients. Working mostly with established artists in a broad range of disciplines, she wanted the site to convey the edgy yet sophisticated energy behind her practice. Sam’s impressive roster of clients includes Mark Yale Harris, Pascal Pierme, Christopher Owen Nelson, and Dick Evans among others.

Published March 2016



Marti Mills

This site was a collaboration with the talented New Mexico based photographer, Marti Mills. Marti has an extensive background in video, art, and photography. Her work is always fresh and sometimes challenging for the viewer. She has a knack for finding beauty in unexpected places, as well as a skillful eye for working with the female figure.

Marti Mills

Marti’s work was also featured in 5. Gallery this September.

Published October 2016



Norma Alonzo

Norma Alonzo is an emerging artist based in Santa Fe, NM. Norma’s abstract contemporary approach to landscapes, still life, and the human form is at times fun and playful, at other times deeply contemplative, and is always interesting.

Norma’s new site needed a clean, minimal, and very modern feel to keep the focus on her vibrant artwork. This less is more approach was translated right down to her menu. I opted for a super mobile friendly menu, keeping the menu items tucked away from the main presentation until they are needed.

I also had the pleasure photographing both Norma and her artwork for the site as well in her lovely, sunlit studio.


Published November 2016

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