Spaced Out


This is a small-to-medium sized bangle with a transparent fill and a rainbow-hued dichroic metallic finish including purple, gold, red, pink, blue and green foils.

Suspended inside the cuff off this round bangle style bracelet is an ombre rainbow sequin band. Like a John Alvin poster from the Golden Era of Filmmaking, you have to look closely at this piece of art in order for it to reveal all of its magic in detail. This is a multi part process piece in which the sequin band is set in the first clear mold pour. I have to watch the bracelet several times over the 2 day initial cure time to make sure that no large bubbles form around the sequin band and that it stays even as it sets.

Once the bangle is cured, it is de-molded, trimmed, sanded, rinsed and then returned to my studio table to receive a hand applied coating of delicate metallic foil. The foil gives the piece a chameleon-like ability to appear to change colors depending on the angle of the light.

Once the foil has been applied, the piece is then lightly coated with a thin layer of resin for a permanent, water-safe finish. The bracelet is then hand polished with organic virgin coconut oil to give it a glass-like shine. The piece is then rinsed and buffed dry with a super soft chamois cloth before it is packaged up in a gift box and ready for shipping.

Custom sizes may be available upon request. Please contact me for more information.

Each bracelet in this style turns out a little differently so you can be sure you have a unique statement bracelet to match your unique personality!

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To see more of my bracelets in different themes, follow my Shop account on Instagram @shopacaciacarr to see new items even before they get added to my website. Though I sometimes repeat colors and themes, each individual item in my ecoresin Jewelry line is unique due to the handmade nature of my work.

About my EcoResin Jewelry

All of the pieces in my jewelry line are handmade by me using ecoresin with the highest bio based content available today. Each piece is mixed, poured, and sometimes painted by me. The resin is partially cured after 2 days at which point I de-mold the item and trim any excess pieces. The resin jewelry is then hand polished using steel files, rinsed, and then polished with organic Virgin Coconut Oil. After the oil is applied, the surface is then buffed clean and dry with a super soft chamois cloth. Resin jewelry is lightweight due to the low density of acrylic, making it easier to wear your jewelry all day without feeling weighed down.

Gift boxing is available upon request. Just indicate your request in the Comment section at checkout. All orders are shipped either 2 Day Priority USPS or First Class depending on what is available in your area. All orders from my Shop will receive FREE SHIPPING for the month of September to celebrate the launch of my new Studio line which now also includes Jewelry, Sneaker Art and Home Decor.

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