PANTONE Color of the Year 2016
Rose Quartz + Serenity

Pantone Color of the Year 2016 - Color Chip by Acacia Carr
Photo by Yulia Grigoryeva

Equality as Inspiration

For the first time since Pantone® started their Color of the Year selection in 2010, 2 colors have been chosen to share the spotlight.

This conscious pairing of blue and pink – traditional symbols of masculine and feminine – is a nod to the gender equality movement that we are seeing renewed in fashion, art, and social dialogue at this time. It’s also a comment on our need to find peace and calm in this frenetic world.

The colors are presented as blended throughout the Pantone® color campaign. This fluidity of color signifies the end to clear lines in gender boundaries.

While some may find the selection of blue and pink too obvious, the translucent quality of the pastel hues, and the careful emphasis on the blend that occurs between them invites the viewer to look deeper, beyond superficial impressions. What you will find is a relaxing, contemplative atmosphere where intuition, connection and peace coalesce.

A natural fit for interior paint and fabric, these colors are approachable, yet have a subtle strength and grace. For this reason, both colors also make an excellent choice for men who are looking to add some color to their look.

Rose Quartz, as a stone, is a symbol of enduring love. Pink is a symbol of romance, youthfulness, and harmony. Serenity is a pale purpley blue similar to that of a hydrangea. Blue is often associated with mental clarity, security, and tranquility.




Is this palette right for you?

There are several opportunities to incorporate this color palette into your wardrobe, office, home or brand design. Here are some guidelines to help you successfully implement this color pairing without fear!

Birds of a feather, flock together These colors work well together when presented with other pastels. If you plan to pair them in an outfit, limit your palette to other pastels, but punch it up with black, a rich brown or another statement color in small doses. The same approach works well when using these colors in a living or working space.

Watch the Pink Be careful not to let your pink get too saturated or it will run the risk of looking too much like cotton candy.

Metallic Friendly Since these colors aren’t overpowering, you can use metallics, especially gold and copper to add visual interest without overwhelming your color composition. The colors themselves are also friendly to any finish or treatment from paint to silk depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

If you want classic elegance, you might go with a taupe, a light gray, and de-saturate your COTY 2016 colors a bit. For a more modern look, pair them as they are with a bold pattern or texture in bright yellow or even fig. Marsala (Pantone® Color of the Year 2015) also provides a striking visual counterpoint to this color scheme.

For more color inspiration, follow my Pantone Rose Quartz + Serenity Pinterest Board.

Acacia Carr - Pantone 2016 Pinterest Board View


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