“Lucid Dreams” by the Golden Hour

Lucid Dreams Cover art - Album by The Golden Hour

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing you to “Lucid Dreams”, a new song by European music artist The Golden Hour.

Based in Rome, Italy, The Golden Hour is artist Matteo Zandonella Bolco. Matteo is a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who is the epitome of a musician’s musician. His approach to Retrowave Synthpop is both artful and accurate to the mood of the 80s, yet always feels fresh and of the moment.


The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour is a term that comes from photography which refers to the best time of day to shoot photographs…dusk and dawn, or twilight if you prefer. It is from within this moment in time where Matteo distills emotion into crystalline sounds for his work. Rising up above the beauty of his synth-soaked soundscapes are Matteo’s captivating vocals.


“Lucid Dreams”

His latest single, “Lucid Dreams” (June, 18th 2021), is an ambient instrumental track. With sheer sonic artistry, this song paints a pretty picture for me:

Cruising in a white Camaro with the top down at Sunset, with city lights flashing by as the hint of cherry flavored kisses and the sea breezes through your hair.

If The Golden Hour itself had a soundtrack, this would be it.

But for Matteo, just making music is not enough. His work is created with the very specific intention to help motivate, inspire, and comfort his audience while spreading love and joy to all who hear it. This isn’t just art for art’s sake. This is art designed to help make the world a better place.


The Musician’s Journey

Matteo’s path to creating The Golden Hour hasn’t always been clear. As a child, he moved with his parents constantly from country to country for his father’s work. This left Matteo missing home, each time he moved. Though he carried his music inside of him throughout his life as he moved from place to place, the expectations of those around him as well as other challenges pushed any possibility of a career in music to the background.

After the unexpected passing of Matteo’s best friend, he realized that the only way to fill the void—and perhaps to find that feeling of Home once again—was to pursue his dreams of making music professionally. It was through this realization, music lessons, and sheer perseverance that Matteo was able to create The Golden Hour.

As The Golden Hour, Matteo’s songwriting style is fun and full of hope, yet it is not saccharin sweet. Rather, there is a depth to the multifaceted layers of his sound that invites the listener to hear between the lines, revealing deeply introspective concepts and moods.

Matteo Zandonella Bolco, The Golden Hour

Matteo Zandonella Bolco, The Golden Hour. Summer, 2021. Rome, Italy.

Matteo Zandonella Bolco, The Golden Hour. Summer, 2021. Rome, Italy.

Matteo Zandonella Bolco, The Golden Hour. Summer, 2021. Rome, Italy.

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