New Single –
“Jennifer Gently” by Acacia Carr

This is a new single from my upcoming album, The Pretty Key (2/22/22).

“Jennifer Gently”

With eyes so bright she lights the darkest night

This is one of my latest singles off of my new electronic/trip hop album, The Pretty Key. I wrote this song because as a kid (and often to this day), no one I met could pronounce my name, so I always wished I had a more common name like Jennifer which was a very popular name when I was born.

I was also thinking about being a young teen trying to fit in with other kids and not really being able to do so. “Fitting in” seemed to be really important at that time and yet there were always a few kids that just didn’t care about being popular or cool, and were still so cool anyway. This song is about being cool in your own way and not worrying about trying to be like everybody else.

It’s inspired by 80s New Wave which I listened to extensively growing up, and has been a huge part of forming my identity as an electronic musician in recent years.

This song is from my 3rd album in the Lavender Mouse Trilogy.


Acacia Carr

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