Color and Your Brand

Color and Your Brand

Color is the first thing to get right with your brand because it's the first piece of information from the visual hierarchy to be interpreted by our minds. Not just a side dish to the graphic planning of your brand, color should be seen as a core and central component of your brand identity.

2021 photo of Acacia Carr, Music Artist and Producer

Hi, I'm Acacia Carr. I am a music producer, vocalist, and digital artist based in the USA. I share my thoughts about my work and inspiration here.

If you are looking for Mythic Rhythmic, the Blog in which I feature indie electronic music, venues, and events-highlighting hidden and emerging creative talents from around the world, please visit the new Blog website at

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Looking for a topliner, songwriter, or producer for your next project? I am available in 2022. Please visit my Profile on SoundBetter for more information. Acacia Carr, Singer - Female on SoundBetter

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