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Color and Your Brand

Color and Your Brand

Color is the first thing to get right with your brand because it's the first piece of information from the visual hierarchy to be interpreted by our minds. Not just a side dish to the graphic planning of your brand, color should be seen as a core and central component of your brand identity.

Best Web Hosts for WordPress 2017

Best Web Hosts for WordPress 2017

Every couple of years I recommend my top picks for best WordPress web hosts. My picks this year reflect a changing server landscape. The number of websites registered and hosted each year is growing at an exponential rate. Some hosts are keeping up with the demand by adding more server bandwidth and improved customer service, and some are going to get left in the dust.

It might be time to switch web hosts if you experience any of the following:

– Your site is running slowly
– You are about to launch a new website
– Customer service support has diminished
– Site visitors are experiencing unexpected downtime
– Your site has crashed because you had too many visitors
– Your site was hosted by a private re-seller that you are no longer working with (like a developer)
– You have been hacked recently
– Your web host is GoDaddy

Types of Web Hosting Services

With so many different web hosts and types of hosting out there, it can be hard to figure out what is what to the uninitiated. Here’s a brief rundown of the different types of web hosting that are available for your WordPress site. I’ve listed them in the order of what I would recommend for a small to medium sized business.

VPS Hosting

Virtual private servers use one server, but allow each VPS client a specific private fraction of that server’s resources. VPS is the next best thing to a Private Server, and doesn’t have the drawbacks of Managed Hosting. Read More...

My new book is in the works

My new book is in the works

I’m happy to announce that I’ve taken the plunge and started writing my first book!

2017 marks my 9th year as a web developer + designer (also known as a Unicorn), and I want to share what I’ve learned running my own one-woman design studio.

Working for yourself presents many challenges and offers many rewards. My hope is to encourage those just starting out in this field, and to help experienced Unicorns who are looking for ways to improve their business. You’ll find info on: Read More...

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