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How to Make Your WordPress Website GDPR Compliant

What is the GDPR? - A blog post by Acacia CarrYou may have received emails from all different kinds of companies over the last few months with “GDPR” being the main theme. If you are a WordPress site owner, you may be wondering if and how the GDPR applies to you and your site visitors.

GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is a new set of regulations set by the European Union (EU) which took effect May 25th, 2018. Though the GDPR was actually introduced in 2016, it only became enforceable as of May this year. The GDPR regulates how websites interact with website visitors, and how we as site owners handle user data.

Organizing Client Content
with Content Snare

A podcast interview with James Rose
of Content Snare (Australia)

22:35 minutes

I recently spoke with James Rose of the podcast series Agency Highway about his client content management tool, Content Snare. Content Snare is a web app that allows you to manage your content collection requests via a built in email template system. James and I discuss the importance of organizing client content today for a better tomorrow.

Time is precious, especially when you are an entrepreneur. Being able to receive the client content you need when you need it is key.

As a software engineer and product developer, James has successfully launched many products over the years. Join us as we explore how to create a product your audience wants, and the secret to a successful product launch. Read More...

Meet Hangerang…A new web app for real life hangouts

Meet Hangerang
A new web app for real life hangouts

For my first interview in my new Web Creatives series, I met with my friend and long time web creative, Javier Romero. Like me, Javier is a native New Mexican. He’s been an active member of the local music scene for as long as I can remember.

Uncommon Creative: The Handbook for Unicorns

Uncommon Creative:
The Handbook for Unicorns

It’s been quite a process, but after 2 years of hard work and long hours, my book, Uncommon Creative: The Handbook for Unicorns, is in the pre-press stage, and will soon be available in ebook, hardbound, and paperback!

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