Brand Discovery

Far too many web developers and designers are ready to build you a website or design your brand without asking the right questions first. The problem is this: design without strategy is just that. It’s a car without wheels on a road with no direction known. To develop a great strategy, you need to know as much as possible about your brand, your competitors, and your audience.

Discovery is the process in which we learn everything about your brand, website, print materials, your market, your competitors, and your goals. We must establish these key elements through research before we begin. Only after Discovery is complete are we ready to build a brand that will connect with your audience.

Some clients may already have their branding and discovery in place. If your branding is already on point and prepared to professional standards, I may be able to assist you with web site creation, technology consultation, and webmastering.

If I can see areas in which your brand is not living up to the product or service you are offering, if you decide to work with me, I will recommend a Brand Discovery process before we can create a website and design assets that will move your audience and equate to success in the global marketplace.

It's time to take your website seriously.

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