Hi, I’m Acacia

Brand Experience Designer,
Web Developer & Author

Creativity is my Passion

I believe in big dreams, smart design thinking, and attention to detail. As a self-taught solopreneur and designer, my mission in life is to help others live their biggest and best dreams.

As an advocate for peace and equality, I work to support women and minorities who wish to enter the field of technology.

My first book, Uncommon Creative: The Handbook for Unicorns, will be self-published in 2018.

Are you a dreamer, too?

Uncommon Creative: The Handbook for Unicorns by web developer and designer Acacia Carr

I love working with other creatives to help make the smaller pieces of the journey add up to something big and meaningful. My services include technology training, coaching, brand development, and portfolio reviews for my fellow web creatives.

I specialize in creating integrated brand experience design for non-profits, entrepreneurs, and business owners. If you are a business owner that needs to improve their brand position, or a non-profit that needs to meet a broader audience, I can help.

To the Moon - image from Uncommon Creative: The Handbook for Unicorns by web developer and designer Acacia Carr

My Journey

The path to becoming a self-employed web creative is not the same for everyone. Solopreneurs are made, not born. They are made through hard work, sacrifice, and lots and lots of failure. The key is in trusting your dreams, and re-calibrating along the way as you learn from your mistakes and successes, your wins and losses.

My Writing

Organizing Client Content
with Content Snare

A podcast interview with James Rose of Content Snare (Australia) 22:35 minutes I recently spoke with James Rose of the podcast series Agency Highway about his client content management tool, Content Snare. Content Snare is a web app that allows you to manage your...

Meet Hangerang
A new web app for real life hangouts

For my first interview in my new Web Creatives series, I met with my friend and long time web creative, Javier Romero. Like me, Javier is a native New Mexican. He’s been an active member of the local music scene for as long as I can remember.

Uncommon Creative:
The Handbook for Unicorns

It’s been quite a process, but after 2 years of hard work and long hours, my book, Uncommon Creative: The Handbook for Unicorns, is in the pre-press stage, and will soon be available in ebook, hardbound, and paperback!

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