Hack Cleanup for WordPress Websites

Is your WordPress site running slower than usual? Have you had other warning signs of hacking? If you suspect that your website has been infected with a virus or otherwise been compromised, it is important to diagnose the type of hack, and make a plan to immediately remedy the situation.

If you’ve been hacked, please get help as soon as possible. The best thing to do is quarantine the site (take it down), and have it professionally examined. This is important because if you have been infected with malware, every time someone visits your site, you could be passing the infection to them. They are then able to infect other people’s computers.

My WordPress Hack Cleanup service includes:
– Thorough site review and diagnosis of hack
I’ll help you plan for the best possible course of action for the site. In particularly virulent cases, the best thing to do is start with a fresh site and fresh database. That’s why it is important to keep regular backups of your site’s theme, PlugIns and database.
– If your site is a candidate for cleanup, I will conduct a thorough cleaning of your site’s files, folders and database.
I’ve worked with several types of hacks including injection, cloaking, and other types of infection with excellent results. I also install a security platform including WP Security, Sucuri, etc.
– Sometimes an infection can show up in Google in undesirable ways or even get your site Blacklisted. I can help clean up those bad links, and help get your Blacklisting removed.
– If your site is not safe to save and you don’t have a backup, I can help you take your site offline.

Starts at $500